Roberta has managed Sydney Seafood School, Australia’s largest recreational cooking school, since 1997.

Sydney Seafood School - auditorium

Sydney Seafood School - practical kitchen

Sydney Seafood School - dining room

With 13,000 guests attending over 300 classes a year, Sydney Seafood School (at Sydney Fish Market) is Australia’s leading recreational cooking school.

Initially established in 1989 to create a demand for the more unusual seafood species, the School has slowly broadened its reach to teach local, interstate and overseas food-lovers how to prepare seafood in a huge variety of styles and cuisines with almost all of Australia’s leading chefs teaching classes there at one time or another.

Roberta designs the program of classes and writes the creative copy, organises the School’s marketing and sponsorship, and works with guest chefs to ‘translate’ their recipes for the home kitchen, as well as developing recipes for classes and the website and writing the School’s newsletter. Roberta is also an active member of Sydney Fish Market’s Management Team, writing and reporting on the School’s corporate plan and annual budget and helping to develop SFM’s strategic direction.

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